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Rubber coating for left/right button
Anti-slip massage grips

Slip in your pocket or toss in your bag


Compatible with Mac OS system
MacBook need a standard USB-A port
Side buttons unavailable for Mac OS

Work Wherever Life Takes You
Work From Home
Coffee Shop
On the Go

Compatible with the MacBook Pro/Air 2021?

No. This need a USB-A port. 2021 MacBook Pro/Aire only has Thunderbolt(USB-C ) ports. Check your MacBook ports first.


Compatible with Chromebook?

Yes. Chromebook has USB-A ports.


Acer/Lenovo Thinkpad work on?



Come with Batteries?



Can I get a unifying USB dongle? Where is the USB dongle?

No. One USB receiver pairing one wireless mouse in case of interfere. The receiver for storage snaps into a small holder on the bottom of the mouse.


Left or right hand use?

Right handed ergonomic mouse.


Is it a bluetooth mouse?

No. It is a 2.4GHz wireless mouse with a tiny USB receiver.



Left right audible click, other buttons slight click.

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