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This isn't your normal mall kiosk screen protector / tempered glass. 

Casper Tempered Glass is available for all iPhone and iPad models, and is the strongest, most durable tempered glass screen protector on the market, designed to protect your device from scratches and screen imperfections, therefore retaining the resale value of your phone or tablet.

  • 100 % Tempered Glass: Resists scratches from sharp objects.
  • Optically transparent once applied.
  • Clean and hassle-free installation, no bubbles & no dust.
  • If you get dust at installation, no worry wash it off and re-install.
  • The only washable tempered glass ever made.
  • Each Casper Pro Tempered Glass comes with a set of wipes and dust-removal stickers to ensure a quick, clean, and hassle-free installation.

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