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General InformationManufacturer: Intel CorporationManufacturer
Part Number: SSDPE2KE064T801Manufacturer
Website Address:
http: //www. intel.
comBrand Name: IntelProduct
Series: DC
P4610Product Name: SSD DC P4610 Series ( 6.4TB, 2.5 in PCIe 3.1 x4, 3D2, TLC)
Generic Single PackMarketing Information: Designed to meet today's increasingly demanding service levels and support broader cloud workloads, while reducing storage costs.
Product Type: Solid
State DriveTechnical InformationStorage Capacity: 6.40
TBEncryption Standard: 256-bitDrive
PerformanceMaximum Read Transfer Rate: 3000
MB/sMaximum Write Transfer Rate: 2900
MB/sNetwork & CommunicationWireless LAN: NoInterfaces/PortsDrive
Interface: U. 2 (SFF-8639) NVMeDrive
Interface Standard: PCI Express 3.1 x4Physical
CharacteristicsDrive Type: InternalForm
Factor: 2.5"H
eight: 0.6"W
eight (Approximate): 4.90 ozMiscellaneousDevice
ServerCompatibility: Intel
Rack Server Systems: R1208WFTYS R1208WT2GSR R1208WTTGSR R2208WF0ZS R2208WFQZS R2208WFTZS R2224WFQZS R2224WFTZS R2312WF0NP R2312WFQZS R2312WFTZS R2208WTTYSR R2208WT2YSR R2208WTTYC1R R2224WTTYSR Intel Compute Modules: HNS2600BPB24 HNS2600BPQ24 HNS2600BPS24 HNS2600TP24R HNS2600TP24SR HNS2600TP24STR Intel Dual-Socket Server Boards: S2600STB S2600STQ S2600WFQ S2600WF0 S2600WFT S2600WTTR S2600WT2R S2600WTTS1R

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